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Welcome Teachers

Our vision for ministry is to produce and publish men-focused Christian Bible teaching videos which would be available on the internet, to be viewed at no cost. There are approximately 1.5 billion English speaking people in the world today. With the absence of an effective men's ministry in many churches, we think that this ministry provides the opportunity to make a positive impact for Jesus.




menteachingmen, Inc. has no salaries, benefits, site costs, is not interested in support solicitation, mailing lists, advertising etc. There are some limited expenses to operate this ministry. We depend on volunteers.


A current list of subjects is listed on this web site, (Teaching Materials). You may also suggest adding additional subjects.


Teachings should ideally be limited to 30 minutes in length to maintain the average viewer attention span. Some subject teachings may require more time, some less. Depending on the subject area, some teachings might require more than one video, i.e. Teaching on Tribulation #2.

Teachings can be produced with a cell telephone camera if a video recorder is not available.


Our focus for these Bible teachings are toward men. The preferred method of delivery is teaching, not preaching, although a combination of delivery styles would be acceptable. Remember, take your time, don't rush. Please do not be critical or make critical remarks.


We will be seeking teachers, (born again required), from several different theological standpoints, (Baptist, Pentecostal, Fundamentalists, Mennonite, etc.). Ideally, we would like to have 3-4 teachings on each subject from different teachers.


menteachingmen will review and edit each teaching. Teachers will be able to review and approve the final edit before publication. Men Teaching Men reserves the right to publish or not publish videos to it's web site as it deems appropriate. menteachingmen may rotate videos on or off their website.


All video will be closed captioned to allow ministry to the deaf community.  

We suggest that teachers make a short introduction with their name, ministry and location. We also suggest ending your video with a short salvation invitation.


Have questions or suggestions:


Please contact Homer Knox at

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